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Social Media Monetization

Earn commission with every post

No matter where you post them, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even in direct messaging services like WhatsApp, your product and brand recommendations can earn you commissions.

Because our JavaScript code cannot be installed on your social media profiles, monetization for social networks is a bit different than for your site. Fortunately, it’s still super simple to do! We provide 3 tools that allow you to create affiliate links for your social channels, so you can find the one that best suits your posting style.

The Skimlinks Editor browser extension is the perfect sidekick to your monetization efforts because it alerts you when you visit a Skimlinks merchant site and gives you an affiliated short URL on the spot. So you can immediately post products or brands you love to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media.
Download Skimlinks Editor

The Link Generator in the Publisher Hub is another easy way to create affiliated URLs – just paste in the link you want to affiliate and you’re ready to go.
Access Link Generator

The Link API lets you use Skimlinks in places you wouldn’t normally be able to; such as in Adobe Flash Applications, mobile apps, iPhone, iPad and Android apps. It’s recommended for publishing power users, who need to create hundreds or thousands of links across platforms.
See Link API documentation

The sooner you start sharing your favorite products and brands, the sooner results will start to show. For instance, vlogger Wande’s World used Skimlinks social media tools to increase her affiliate revenue by 80%, through monetizing her YouTube presence. Read her story here.

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