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Skimlinks for Bloggers

The beauty of Skimlinks is that we work with a large variety of publishers, and have tailored solutions that are a good fit for each and every one of them, especially bloggers!

We are huge supporters of the blogging community and want to help make your monetization journey a smooth, and most of all, successful one. Our publisher development team works closely with bloggers and we’ve come up with a list of frequently asked questions that address the most relevant topics.

Blogger FAQs

How do I install Skimlinks?

Installation is easy! Once you’re approved all you need to do is paste the code snippet just before the tag in your template. The tag typically sits in the footer at the very end of the page. Check out our step-by-step installation guide that will guide you through the installation process.

How do I know it is installed?

You definitely want to make sure the Skimlinks code is properly installed so you can start earning today. Follow these steps to run a quick check of the code.

How much will I make?

The answer to this question varies greatly depending on several factors including your site traffic, how many links you include in your content, how fluent you are in social media, and how engaged your readership is. We only make money when you do and you get 75 percent of the revenue share.

The bottom line is there’s no limit to how much you can earn and the incredible ease of use that Skimlinks offers is a great way to start monetizing and increasing your blog earnings.

How do you work with affiliate networks?

We work with nearly 60 affiliate networks, making Skimlinks a one-stop shop. Working with Skimlinks means you will automatically join each of these networks and the vast majority of merchant programs so there is no need to individually apply to each as is done traditionally (saving you lots of time and effort!)

How do I know which merchants Skimlinks works with?

There are two ways to find out if Skimlinks works with a merchant.

  1. Navigate to the “Merchants” tab in your Skimlinks Publisher Hub and search for the merchant in question.
  2. When using the Google Chrome browser, you can be notified automatically upon visiting a merchant site via our Skimlinks Editor Toolbar.

Do you add links to my site?

Skimlinks only affiliates the links that are already on your site giving you 100% control of when and where links appear in your content. The only exception to this is if you’ve inserted a link into your content that is not currently hyperlinked. For example, you have in your post without the hyperlink, Skimlinks will hyperlink it to the Target home page.

Will it overwrite existing affiliate links?

It doesn’t — we only recognize plain merchant links so if you’re part of separate affiliate programs, our technology will not override those links. However, we do have overwrite options for Amazon and other programs if you would like to switch out the links quickly and easily. For more information and to use this feature, visit the Toolbox in the Publisher Hub.

Do I have to do anything to the links?

Not at all. Just write content as you normally would and link to relevant merchants where applicable. When a reader clicks on a link on your site, our technology will automatically affiliate it on click. If that reader goes on to make a purchase, you’ll earn a percentage of that sale.

Can I use Skimlinks on social media?

Yes! The Skimlinks Editor tool makes it easy to share your favorite products across your various social channels. Simply install the Editor add on to your Chrome browser and easily share your affiliated links. For example, check out how this blogger used the Editor tool to monetize her YouTube channel.

What is the minimum payout?

Our minimum payout is $10, and we operate on a Net-90 basis. To ensure that we provide consistent reporting for our publishers, we wait for earnings to be confirmed by the merchants so there’s no chance you’ll get paid something that you’ll have to return later.

Skimlinks also offers bloggers the advantage of not having to reach a minimum payout for each affiliate network, instead all these are rolled into one.

How do I disable Skimlinks for certain brand posts?

If you need to disable certain links from being affiliated when doing sponsored posts, all you need to do is simply shorten the original link using a URL shortener such as Google’s tool, and Skimlinks won’t automatically affiliate those links. We also allow you to blacklist merchants that you never want us to affiliate for you.

Do you add no-follow links to your technology? Will this affect my SEO or site rank?

Yes we do add no-follows to each of our redirects to ensure that your site is never penalized for having monetized content. Though SEO is a complicated entity, the short answer is no, Skimlinks does not negatively impact SEO or site rank. Check out this informative blog post written by our CEO that offers a more detailed explanation.

Wordpress plug-in versus the JavaScript?

The Wordpress Plug-In is 100% optional and is merely another method to help publishers get integrated with Skimlinks. Since there are multiple iterations of Wordpress, you may find that the plug-in issues a warning. If that’s the case, all that is needed to install Skimlinks is to copy our JavaScript from the Hub and go to the “Editor” view in Wordpress. Paste the code at the end of your HTML right before the tag.

If you use Wordpress our plug-in will allow you to incorporate our technology in an automatic and seamless manner, the JavaScript is simply a more manual way of entering the code onto the make-up of your site.

If someone buys something other than the product I originally linked to, will I still get credit?

Yes, once a user has clicked on your link, as long as you sent the last click before the purchase was made, anything they buy from the corresponding merchant will earn you commission. After all, you referred the sale!

I know one of my readers clicked through a link before purchasing something, why didn’t I get commission?

Affiliate commissions work on a last-click basis. If you notice that you haven’t been paid for a sale you believe your site delivered, it may be because your reader clicked through a coupon site’s link or may not have cookies enabled.

Don’t see your question answered here? Search our Knowledge Base for more FAQs and support material.

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