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Basic usage

Get started (and start earning!) with Skimlinks by following these simple steps.

One of the benefits of Skimlinks is that once it’s installed, you can theoretically “set and forget” it, and immediately start generating revenue from your content. No additional effort is required for our technology to work; no change of processes or extra hires needed. Some publishers even see Skimlinks as a cost saving alternative, as you no longer need resources for creating your affiliate links from scratch or aggregating commission data from various affiliate networks.


Install Skimlinks

Once your site is approved on Skimlinks, don’t forget to install it. When you do, our technology will scan your content for relevant, unaffiliated merchant links and start tracking clicks to ensure you earn money for every sale you drive.

As soon as you’ve successfully installed Skimlinks, don’t forget to complete your payment details in your account so we can pay you on time.


Link to Merchants

Our technology is quite smart, but you need to make sure whenever you mention products or merchants, you link to them. No need to create time consuming link redirects or tracking, just a regular link straight to the merchant or product mention in your content. Skimlinks will automatically affiliate the link for you whenever any users click – and you’ll earn a commission from every sale you drive.


Visit the Publisher Hub

The Publisher Hub is your one-stop-shop to monetize your site. You can access all of the Skimlinks tools, activate additional features and find detailed analytics about your content such as, which posts, products, merchants and sites you’ve earned the most from. It even tells you what high traffic links in your content are not currently earning you money.


Mastered the basics?

To unlock the full potential of Skimlinks and your commerce-related content, you might want to consider taking advantage of the full scope of what our technology has to offer. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, find out how you can leverage Skimlinks data to inform your content creation.

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