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Display Advertising

Display advertising is graphical advertising on the Internet that appears next to content on web pages, IM applications, email, etc.

Banner ads

Another option in the content monetization space is the traditional banner ad. This method has been around for quite some time and is similar to the print advertising model; just as you would see ads on a magazine page or a newspaper, you can find banner ads in the same way on websites.

Banner ads typically promote a company’s product or service as well as advertising any of the company’s current sales/promotions.

When you visit a site, you can find a banner ad in a variety of places (on top of where you see the content, on the side or on the bottom, or a full banner ad that takes the place of the background of the site.) The goal of a banner ad is to attract clicks from website readers to the advertiser.

This model also works in various ways. Banner ads can be sold based on click-through rate or on a cost per thousand click basis.

Other forms of display advertising include:

  • Pop-up ads – Just as the name implies, these ads pop up (uninitiated) from whatever page you’re visiting. This can be seen as intrusive and not ideal for a smooth user experience.
  • Floating advertisements – These are also uninitiated ads that appears on a page for a specific period of time by “floating” over the page the user is visiting.
  • Interstitial advertisements – These types of ads are displayed before or after the expected content page the user was visiting. Interstitial is used in the sense of “in-between,” so prior to landing on your expected page you are shown an interstitial ad.
  • Takeover ads – This is when an entire homepage is used to promote the advertiser’s message (as opposed to a single banner ad.) Takeover ads can take several forms, including a rich media ad where the entire page is made to look like an advertisement or just the wallpaper and banner slots include the advertiser’s messaging.

All of these advertisements serve the same purpose: to drive readers to at the minimum click through the ad and potentially be inspired to make a purchase.

Display Advertising in practice

Here’s an example of a banner ad on news site, The Independent. The site content is below the ad which is placed on the top of the page.

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