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Deep Linking

Let’s take a dive into deeplinking shall we? In the context of the World Wide Web, deep linking refers to linking directly to a piece of web content rather than to a site’s home page.

Deep linking makes it easier for users to find the products you’re writing about, instead of having to navigate through a site to find what they’re looking for. So say you’re writing about a pair of leather boots. Instead of linking to Nordstrom’s home page, you’d link directly to the product you’re referencing. A reader is much more likely to make a purchase if they’re taken directly to the product that grabbed their interest, rather than having to search for it on their own on the merchant’s site.

Deep linking isn’t just for websites. It’s also a crucial part of mobile applications. Enabling deep linking in a mobile app allows users to navigate through the app, from the homepages to specific product pages and so forth.

Deep linking also allows users to get directed straight to the app when an external link is clicked. So if you’re reading about a cool, new fashion app on a site on your phone, when you click on the link to access the app, you’ll automatically open the app instead of being redirected to a website.

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