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Skimlinks for Brands & Merchants

Expand your reach online and grow your business

Skimlinks creates an environment that encourages quality publishers to write about brands and their products more often. Our technology removes the complexities of traditional affiliate marketing, allowing publishers to focus on what they do best – creating quality content and fostering communities – while we help them make money from their content.

Get more with Skimlinks

Skimlinks works with publishers across 1.5 million editorial and news sites, blogs, forums, content networks and mobile apps to unleash the latent purchase intent in content, creating more links to your site and bringing you more incremental sales.

  • More mentions of your products & services
  • More links to your site
  • More purchase opportunities
  • More incremental sales
how to earn through affiliate marketing

A network built on quality

Skimlinks is committed to network quality and enforces a stringent publisher approval process to ensure their content is of high quality and appropriate for merchants.

When a publisher applies, we review each site individually and only approve those that would qualify under your terms. We also continuously monitor approved sites to ensure they continue to meet your standards.

Here are just some of the things we look for in a potential publisher:

  • Quality, original content
  • Valuable, rich content around products and services
  • An engaged, loyal community & readership within the site
how to earn through affiliate marketing

Some of the merchants who work with us

Merchant FAQs

Get involved


Add Skimlinks to your network program:

Our dedicated merchant team are always adding new brands to our growing merchant network. So we can start working with you, make sure we’re approved on your affiliate network program.


Join our Preferred Partner Program:

We promote specific merchants to our publisher base through our Preferred Partner Program. Get in touch with our merchant team today to find out how you can be featured.

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