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Wande's World

How a vlogger monetized her YouTube channel with Skimlinks

wandes world

How to create unique videos while monetizing a YouTube channel without having to apply for individual affiliate programs or manually creating affiliate links


Wande started using Skimlinks Editor to source, shorten and post affiliated links in her channel and obtain insights on the best performing videos

  • Over 100 videos monetized with Skimlinks
  • 80% affiliate revenue growth driven by links posted on YouTube video

Wande’s World is a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to all things fashion and beauty. Wande Alugo, the self-professed makeup & fashion aficionado is the owner/editor of the style-centric site.

Originally launched in 2010 as a creative outlet for the owner, Wande’s World has grown from a single blog into a multi-platform presence including a YouTube channel boasting more than 13,000 subscribers. Wande’s World focuses on everything from outfit posts to beauty hauls, as well as glimpses into Wande’s personal life.


With the creation of Wande’s World YouTube channel, Wande found an alternative outlet to share her original content with her followers. The new channel created the need to bring value to her audience while also being able to bring in revenue to support her passion for writing. With a full-time job and limited time and resources to dedicate to blogging, she needed an effective way to monetize the content she was creating.

In addition, after creating her videos, Wande had to manually find the merchants with an affiliate program as well as the ones that offered the best commissions (a time-consuming and laborious process.) These tasks had to be accomplished without impacting her capability to produce high-quality content and please her audience.


After creating video content, Wande searched for products featured and included shortened affiliated links that she easily sourced via Skimlinks Editor in the video description. This made it easy for her subscribers to get information about and potentially purchase the items highlighted in her videos. Due to the interactive nature of the video platform, Wande’s affiliated links on her YouTube channel performed very well and drove a large portion of her revenue.

Blogging is becoming more and more complicated and I’m always trying to find the easiest way to do something. Skimlinks has made my life easier.

Wande Alugo, Founder, Wande's World


From the moment Wande started using Skimlinks Editor to create and share links on her YouTube channel, the importance of the revenue created via that channel grew larger while making the process more efficient, helping support Wande in her passion for video blogging.

Over 100 YouTube videos

Monetized in minutes with the help of Skimlinks

80% affiliate revenue growth

Driven by links posted on YouTube videos

Prior to Skimlinks, I would browse for items online and look and see if each individual retailer was part of an affiliate program, a manual and time consuming process. Now I can easily share affiliate links in my YouTube channel without wasting time.

Wande Alugo, Founder, Wande's World

Wande's keys to success:

  1. Always look around on the Internet for a few items in any given category, coats, blouses, etc to give your readers several options
  2. Only post the links that provide value to your readers (not only the ones that offer the highest commission)
  3. Put the monetizable links anywhere and everywhere that you can (within reason) to increase chances of getting paid for that item
  4. Create content first and only then focus on finding affiliated links
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