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How a news site used Skimlinks to help monetize their reviews section affiliate marketing

Easily monetize content on deals section without impacting editors


With easy-to-add Javascript, SkimLinks instantly monetized all existing links and provided valuable performance data

  • Over 15,000 different affiliated links automatically created
  • More than 50,000 sales driven by
  • 100% affiliate revenue growth is the digital face of two leading UK newspapers, The Independent and i, which have a combined offline daily circulation of 341,689 and a daily readership of 809,000*.

Covering a wide range of international and local news, sport, commentary and opinion pieces, is also home to Independent Voices, an interactive digital platform encouraging readers to comment, vote and debate on the big issues of the day. Monthly, the website sees 53 million unique users and 205 million page impressions**.


As a newspaper, The Independent wanted to keep sales and editorial separate, but looked to monetize their content in a meaningful way without interfering with or adding additional work to their editors.

With a multitude of topics and hundreds of articles to monetize, The Independent didn’t have the resources to manually audit all of the content with product and merchant links and change all of them to include affiliate codes. As a result, The Independent wasn’t being rewarded for the great commerce-related content they were creating.

After years of generating content, their Indybest section, featuring reviews on everything from beauty to gadgets to home accessories, had thousands of pages with commerce-related content, which made it the perfect place to begin their monetization journey.


The automated and hands-off nature of Skimlinks appealed to The Independent. After adding a simple line of Javascript to the relevant sections of the website, the product-related links were automatically and instantly affiliated and The Independent started seeing revenue come in instantly.

This allowed editorial teams to focus on content creation, writing and linking to sites as they normally would, while still earning revenue.

In addition, thanks to the insights that Skimlinks provides in the Publisher Hub, The Independent also learned about the merchants and products that resonated the most with their audience, giving them knowledge about what worked and what didn’t.

One of the most helpful things about Skimlinks is that it helps us monetize not only our new content, but also all the existing unaffiliated links — automatically and with complete control. Content that is 3 or 4 years old still generates revenue; it’s an incredible benefit.

Sandro Del Grosso, Digital Partnership Manager, The Independent


Skimlinks helped monetize both existing and new content and generated revenue from a previously untapped resource. Thanks to the data provided by Skimlinks, the business team was then able to analyze the performance data of each page, gain valuable insight into their readers and access information to negotiate future deals with advertisers.

Over 15,000 unique product references

Automatically affiliated via Skimlinks

More than 50,000 product sales driven by

Generating revenue for The Independent

A 100% affiliate revenue growth

Resulting from the product links affiliated by Skimlinks

The Independent’s Keys to Success:

  1. Write the content you feel is relevant
  2. Link to the most appropriate merchant, think of the user experience before the monetization aspect
  3. Let the Skimlinks Publisher Hub, with its analytics suite, help you find the best merchants

Source: *NRS Jan-Dec 2014. **ABC January 2015

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