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Why you should install our Editor Toolbar

Posted 9 months ago by Angus

Our Editor Toolbar is a tool that we created to make monetization easy. It makes it super easy for you to find out if a merchant is in our network, what their commission rate is for referrals and to generate affiliate links to their products. You can find it here in the Chrome Web Store and add it to your Chrome toolbar.

1. It tells you how much commission merchants pay for referrals

The Editor Toolbar will appear automatically whenever you visit one of our merchant’s websites. You can instantly see how much a merchant pays for referrals, and it will also tell you if they’re a Preferred Partner or VIP merchant#. If they are, that means they pay a commission rate over 50% or 100% higher than the average base rate of our merchants. This can help you figure out which merchants you want to write about and who’s going to be most valuable to feature in your comtent.

2. It creates affiliate links that you can share directly to your content

The Toolbar also allows you to copy affiliate URLs directly from your browser. Just copy the link on the left hand side into the post on your website like normal and our Javascript will automatically affiliate it. This can help speed up content creation as you can directly lift the links from the website instead of making them yourself!

3. And it creates short links you can share on social media

The final fabulous feature is the option to share affiliate links across social media. The toolbar gives you the option to create a “” link which can be used across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can share directly to Facebook and Twitter from the toolbar or if you want to do it manually, all you need to do is add the link as you would a normal one to your post. Then it acts in exactly the same way as your website.

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