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A Skimlinks Tech Retreat

skimlinks affiliate marketing

Most of the Engineering team here at Skimlinks are city-dwelling urban types, whose idea of open space is playing touch rugby in Shoreditch Park. So, it was with both excitement and trepidation that we set off for the first Skimlinks Tech Retreat in the leafy Hertfordshire countryside. We needn’t have feared, though, as the hotel WiFi was rock solid and the bar stocked a ni...

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Black Friday madness, Star Wars spoiler blockers and $5 computers... It's Skimming the News!

Happy Black Friday! Unsurprisingly, the year’s biggest shopping day has been the key talking point of the week so we’ve rounded up a handful of stats, opinions, and predictions for you to enjoy. Other news included the launch of Raspberry Pi’s $5 computer, a new Nokia phone in 2016, and the battle against Star Wars spoilers. It’s Skimming the News!

Black Friday goes digi...

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Match Group and Square's IPOs, Facebook's breakup tool, and blocking ad-blockers on Yahoo Mail... It's Skimming the News!

Happy Friday! This week saw a number of interesting developments, including 2 highly anticipated yet somewhat disappointing IPOs, Yahoo Mail barring users with ad-blockers enabled from accessing their emails, and Facebook trialling a new breakup tool. Read on for this week’s trending tech stories in Skimming the News!

Google launches a redesigned Google+: The social medi...

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YouTube releases music app, Snapchat's valuation drops and Facebook testing disappearing messages... It's Skimming the News!

Welcome back to another edition of Skimming the News, our weekly roundup of trending stories in tech. This week we cover stories about YouTube’s new music app, the growth of Instagram’s ads, why autoplay videos are catching on beyond Facebook and much more.

YouTube releases dedicated music app: After last year’s debut of YouTube Music Key, which failed to expand past a s...

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