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Q&A with R.O.Eye: Black Friday and the Power of Content

black friday marketing

Last month, we were asked to take part in a Q&A session with award-winning media agency R.O.EYE about Black Friday — the UK’s biggest and world’s most notorious online shopping day. You can get our take on the big day below and download a copy of our holiday ecommerce guide here.

R.O.EYE: How have you seen Black Friday evolve for content partners over time?

Skimlinks: I...

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5 Tips to start monetizing: Skimlinks' Pocket Guide to ‘comtent’

affiliate marketing skimlinks
Start with comtent today with our Comtent Pocket Guide. Find the latest tips you need here

Meet our 30 second walkthrough for creating compelling comtent. You can use it to inspire captivating commerce driven content. Find out new ways to write and monetise your content.

Tackle your next steps in your comtent journey with a few easy steps:

Step 1: Go beyond brand name...

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The Drum: Developing audience loyalty through data-driven publishing

skimlinks affiliate marketing

Alicia Navarro | 18.10.16 | View Original Article

This article originally appeared in The Drum

Publishing may well have been the first data-driven industry. After all, selling copies of your newspaper, magazine or book depends upon writing about things that people care about and are engaged in.

Finding out what things people cared about used to depend upon annual rea...

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ExchangeWire: Why Native Doesn't Have To Be Advertising

affiliate marketing

Lindsay Rowntree | 10.08.16 | View Original Article

This article originally appeared in ExchangeWire

When I say ‘native’, you say ‘advertising’. This is how native is perceived in the digital industry, driven more so by the uptake in programmatic native, but is there more to it than just an ad format? In this piece, Alicia Navarro (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, S...

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5 Tips to start monetizing: Skimlinks' Pocket Guide to ‘comtent’

Start with comtent today with our Comtent Pocket Guide. Find the latest...

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MediaPost: Amazon Prime Day 2 - Coming To A Screen Near You

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Digiday: The newest rainmaker at publishers - E-commerce editors

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Why you should install our Editor Toolbar

Our Editor Toolbar is a tool that we created to make monetization easy. It...

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In the spirit of the New Year, last week we wrote a post about our referral...

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We want 2017 to be your best year working with us, which is why you need to...

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Data Snack 4: A Christmas Carol Revisited

This year, Scrooge decided to skip the ghosts People who buy luxury goods...

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Data Snack 3: A Blue Cyber Monday

Steve and Sarah thought about buying their son a toy for the holidays, then...

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