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Why you should install our Editor Toolbar

Our Editor Toolbar is a tool that we created to make monetization easy. It makes it super easy for you to find out if a merchant is in our network, what their commission rate is for referrals and to generate affiliate links to their products. You can find it here in the Chrome Web Store and add it to your Chrome toolbar.

1. It tells you how much commission merchants pay f...

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5 ways to get more from Skimlinks this year

In the spirit of the New Year, last week we wrote a post about our referral program and how you could earn 35% of the commission we make with any referral in 2017. This week, let’s see how 5 simple steps can help you make the most of Skimlinks’ Javascript!

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Join the Skimlinks Referral Program now!

We want 2017 to be your best year working with us, which is why you need to sign up for our referral program now. You’ll be helping your friends make revenue from the awesome content they’re creating and you’ll get a cut of the commission we make from them for their first year with Skimlinks too.

So how do you go about it?

1) Login to your Skimlinks Publisher Hub accoun...

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Data Snack 4: A Christmas Carol Revisited

This year, Scrooge decided to skip the ghosts

People who buy luxury goods are 195% more likely to buy children’s toys.

Our shopping intent data helps us understand not only who is in market for a brand or product, but what else they are likely to buy. This is based on real shopping data from real users across our extensive publisher network. Treat yourself to customized...

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Maximize your ecommerce revenue with Skimlinks' Best Practice Guide

Download the PDF copy of our Best Practice Guide here. The lines between...

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5 Tips to start monetizing: Skimlinks' Pocket Guide to ‘comtent’

Start with comtent today with our Comtent Pocket Guide. Find the latest...

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MediaPost: Amazon Prime Day 2 - Coming To A Screen Near You

Ed Thomas | 12.07.16 | View Original Article This article originally...

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Digiday: The newest rainmaker at publishers - E-commerce editors

Lucia Moses | April 12, 2016 | View original article With online...

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3 Things You Need To Know About SEO & Affiliate Marketing

We’re often asked about SEO and whether working with Skimlinks will affect...

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Data Snack 3: A Blue Cyber Monday

Steve and Sarah thought about buying their son a toy for the holidays, then...

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Writing parenting comtent for the holidays

A great topic to feature during the holidays is parenting, with the option...

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Last minute Cyber Monday content ideas

Cyber Monday is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to be...

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Last Minute Black Friday Ideas

Black Friday is here! There’s still time to create killer commerce-related...

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Q&A: Lovely Blog Academy on holiday season strategy

Carly Wood runs the Lovely Blog Academy. She’s run various blogs and...

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